Aug 30, 2010

ryder & lily | whitehorse children's photographer

These two have got to be THE sweetest pair of siblings I've spent a morning with in a long, long time. First of all, Ryder is such a quiet and shy two-year-old. He was cautious at first but once he caught a glimpse of my vintage wagon, it was all about hauling his teddies around!! Then Miss Lily (be still my beating heart!) she is the mellowest, happiest little chub and I'm tellin' ya, I could've stayed there and snuggled her all day...were it not for the fact that she is a little furnace!!! PHEW! LOL Handy gal to know on a chilly winter day! It was a delightful session and I know mama & daddy are gonna love these pics!! Oh, and we can't forget a shout-out to Auntie Tanya ... thanks for sharing the photo love ♥

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