Aug 28, 2010

molly, chase and parker | whitehorse children's photographer

How lucky am I?! I got to photograph an amazing bunch of kids today at my new favorite location, Fish Lake and let me tell you (if you live locally, you know this already) it has been raining cats & dogs for the last two weeks and I think that somebody called in a huge weather-favor today! The sun shone and there was just enough breeze to keep the black flies mostly at bay! These kids were so much fun and a real treat to photograph. First off, I'd like to introduce you to the charming Miss Molly. She is a girl after my own heart!! She loves the colors purple & pink and has a smile that makes your heart feel happy

Next is her biggest big brother Chase who, while a teenager, did a mighty fine job of tolerating our many poses & attemts at cultivating a sincere smile... this was almost as close as we got to a real smile all day!

And last but NOT least is Mister Parker. This dude has some natural style, let me tell you. Put it this way, his mama would call him "rockstar" and he responded to it the same way as to his given name!! I love it! and get a load of those brown eyes! Can you say "lady killer" ?!?!

And a little sibling sweetness to finish it all off. Wow. What a fabulous family. I love days like this!


  1. Thanks A Million, AGAIN Vanessa! What a Great Shoot! The kids all had so much fun-such a great way to finish off the summer! Can't wait to see them all and get the big ones up on the walls! YOU ROCK V! Jenn

  2. OMG Vanessa they are beautiful shots. Gorgeous kids and fantastic photography skills my friend. I am inspired!