Apr 12, 2010

My Brother's Keeper | Whitehorse Children's Photographer

Brotherly love. That is something that we know ALL about in our house. As a mother of two boys and being married to a fella whose only sibling is a brother, I know a thing or two about how bro's interact and the special, although sometimes fleeting moments of tenderness and affection that have been know to turn up now and then! These fellas, James & Benjamin are two of the sweetest, most charming brothers there are. I was right at home hanging out with these guys and came away from the session with a few real gems! Here are a few that I featured in the gallery on my Facebook fan page:

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  1. You are doing AMAZING work... so proud of you! WAY better than I could have ever done.. I'm too A-D-D for this stuff LOL HUGS.