Jun 10, 2013

KTY | Day 13

I think it's entirely possible that I've bitten off more than I can chew with my attempts to blog regularly but I also know that I have a nasty habit of making things much harder than they need to be.

I make up these silly rules and goals that are often both arbitrary and unrealistic. They are generally designed by my inner-critic who thrives on pointing out my shortcomings and failures. Missing blogging for a few weeks has been fodder for endless  negative self-talk. Enough of THAT!

In an effort to streamline my huge list of projects & tasks (some are loved more than others and some are just designed to be important task avoiders) I am having another kick at the can. But nonetheless, I do enjoy writing about my photography business, about personal development, art, crafts, my crazy-ass family and everything in between. So let's get on with the show.
TMN - Day 12 | +Craig Jarrow

What did I stretch today? This is an EASY answer. Not only did I totally rock our homeschool plan for the day with boy-wonder, I also managed to schedule blog posts. Blogging & me is a very on-again/off-again thing. I love the idea of it, get stuck with the tedium in the content generation. But recent exercises relating to getting super clear, being super real and forgiving myself when something goes sideways (like not blogging for a month) I just get up, dust myself off, smooch my injured self-esteem and get right back at it. I know that with a higher level of commitment and a deeper clarity with my content, I'll be eager to write & share. That's the goal.

What I learned about myself and my inner strength is that I have an infinite amount of patience when called upon to do so. I am immensely invested in my kids' education and am the perfect teacher for boy-wonder (who needs patience, a willingness to listen and a wicked sense of humor). I learned that he is grateful and will excel in that environment. Parenting WIN!

The self-imposed limits that I still need to challenge pertain to my business. I have money blocks that come up regularly. I am well on my way to reaching a good place with my relationship to money and am eager to get there. I am looking forward to living a life that is closer to my dream rather than the one that is full of limiting beliefs.

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  1. Funny enough, I've had the very same problem with blogging. I love doing it, and sharing my experiences is extremely important to me but I just never get to it as often as i would like. I keep recommitting myself to regular blogging, but then I fall behind and feel like I've failed, again.

    I've learned a few things about myself in the past few months as I struggled with some university work. I tend to set extremely high expectations for myself - both the amount I want to accomplish and the quality i was to produce. Its definitely a constant battle to try to prioritize what to put effort into; when I can accept "good enough", and when I just need to let things go. I also learning to, as Carlie put it "be nice to myself". Maybe its Ok if I don't blog every week, or I make a mistake on an assignment, or any other scenario where I would normally feel like anything less than perfection constitutes failure on my part.

    Thankfully I have some pretty awesome friends who help me find perspective, and remind me that my value as a person isn't dependant being perfect.

    On the upside, I've learned that I'm extremely goal oriented; I'm able to set short and long term goals, and much to my surprise I'm able to stay motivated to work on my thesis despite the independant nature of the project.