Jan 4, 2013

KTY | Day 9

I may have missed a TON of days since my last KTY post but I have been doing the work and blogging along the way. I'm deliberately not being super rigid with the pace that I go through these materials because right now, frankly my life is  a little upside down. Monday is our first official day of homeschooling and working that around pre-existing commitments is looking a little challenging. But I am determined to make it work. Flexibility and fluidity is the name of the game. Ebb & Flow.

The new year did its usual thing, in like a lion and out like a lamb. I am so ready for the magic that is 2013. Lucky 13!

Let's see where everything's at with the coursework so far...

31 Days 31 Ways - +Craig Jarrow
Time blocking. This is a great tool. I already work like this, however recent developments have made it tricky to predict the time needed to get things done. I have deliberately set aside more time than I think we'll need for homeschool and for studio work but that's because I love the surprise of finishing early and having unscheduled gaps in my day. Time to breathe.

I think I need a few weeks of adjustment to homeschooling to know for sure how much time I'll need with my boy but I figure setting aside 3-4 hours a day is LOTS so we're all set for now. I blocked time for the next 3 weeks. They are, of course totally subject to change. I have also kept the blocks of time to business hours so everything is booked for between 9am-5:30pm.

Reclaim your Dreams +Jonathan Mead
One thing I can tell you is that I have written my manifesto and will be sharing it shortly as a free download but I need a little time to make it pretty. Printable, even!
Chapter Seven - Creating Love Money
So, yeah, I have a bit of a thing for Starbucks lattes. They're $5 and if I get 3 or 4 a week, that's $20/week x 52 weeks =$1040 on coffees! Yowza! I knew they added up but never did the actual math before. Enough of THAT! New rule - lattes only at client meetings or fun coffee dates with pals, not just because I skipped breakfast and it'll get me through till lunch!! Also, I could make sure that this go 'round (post house fire) that in my replacing of art & crafts supplies that I pace myself and only buy things I'll be using in the somewhat near future rather than buying it just because I like knowing it's there. I can do that. And maybe fewer lunches out. All good ways to save a bundle.

I think that with the money saved, it'll just get absorbed into the household budget and allow us to live a more financially relaxed life. Pay off credit cards and enjoy a bit of financial freedom.

This segment of the workbook has a lot of useful information for someone either looking to leave their day job to pursue a dream job or who is just beginning and needs to get some direction. I'm well past this stage so the exercises are redundant, however, knowing that I have established myself in my market has allowed me to grow my business and get it to almost where I want it to stay longterm.

I am always looking for ways to create value for my clients. I do this in their consultations (phone & in-person), in the materials they receive throughout their experience, the portrait session and the ordering process. I always make every effort to give my clients a fun, relaxed and memorable experience in my studio.

The way that I can find an intersection between my personal goals and the world's deep need is to share my knowledge and help others grow. This may take the form of creativity workshops, teaching girls to see their beauty in photographs, mentorship/coaching and charity photography. Each one of these things addresses my desire to share, the world's need for the experience and the mutual benefit in my making these things available.


Like so many entrepreneurs I know, I have no lack of cool ideas that I'd like to try. Of course, I also suffer from a horrible case of "do-it-all-itis". It's very hard to live with having so many ideas but every time I get to try another one, I smile to myself because I am living a rich and full life.

I want you to experience the revelations that I am by doing the work found in the Kickstart the Year program. There is so much content that the $88 fee is practically nothing compared to the value in each of the "workbooks". If you are ready for some real changes made possible by learning to use REAL tools, then please go and order this program!

When you start doing the work for yourself, please share the link to your blog posts and I will go right over and leave you some blog lovin'. You will love the results!!!

Much love and blessings

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