Dec 17, 2012

KTY | Day 3

Yep. I missed a few days. Working extra long to get the last few tidbits of client work wrapped up so I can actually have a couple of weeks off for the holidays! Blessed be! Part of the magic in my plans for 2013 is knowing when to just NOT DO WORK. Plus, the In-laws are starting to move their stuff into their new house which means that the four of us have more space to spread out (translation : I've been cleaning). And then there's the small matter of setting up our Christmas tree finally. And moving in some of our new furniture.

So now, after a fabulous date night with my 14 year old son (dinner and the Ashley MacIsaac show) and now, at the end of a very full Sunday, I have unpacked several boxes of kitchen wares, vacuumed multiple times and enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree with the fam.

On to day 3 (even if it IS a few days late. whateves)

31 Days, 31 Ways - Craig Jarrow
The early bird gets 30 extra minutes. That's a nice idea except when it is being applied to a day that already begins at 6:30. The idea is to get up 30 minutes earlier to do the things that aren't being afforded the time needed to get them done. Bills, nah. Research? No thanks. Journaling and pleasure-reading? OKAY! Now, also for me to avoid burnout includes being in bed no later than 11pm because otherwise that leaves me with 7 or fewer hours of sleep which makes me useless at work and dangerous on the 30 minute drive in the dark to and from work. Gotta love living North of 60!

So, starting tomorrow, I'm going to get up at 6am and  come to my newly-replaced favorite reading chair and either journal or read. Depending on my mood (note:: I have about 6-8 books in my to-read pile).There will be a need for some bedtime discipline on my part but I think I can do it. Well ok. I know I can do it, I'm just deciding if I'm serious about actually changing things or not. (worksheet responses to follow)

Reclaim Your Dreams - Jonathan Mead
Day 2 - Stop Caring
So the overall message in this portion of the workbook encourages readers to cut off their cable or satellite subscription. Funny thing is, I wasn't sure how I was going to incorporate this into my writing today but I finally just spend the last 24 hours (coincidentally) satellite free. The hubster & I agreed that when his parents moved out that we would ditch the satellite and spend more time reading/writing/crafting/doing stuff together. All the things we often say we don't have enough time for. So yay me!! We were already doing this when it turned out to be the exercise for today.

Of course, the purpose of ditching the cable/satellite is to eliminate the influence of media in determining our heart's desire. Stop caring what outside influences say should be our priorities and turn inward. That is where this bit of writing is going.

In my life, some of the places where I might be caring too much is when it comes to my work performance. I have immensely high standards for my performance at work with my artistic output as well with what I want to give my clients in terms of their overall experience. I demand perfection of myself (which is ridiculous) and am unbelievably hard on myself when I make a mistake - no matter how small. Also, I have such a desire for recognition of my contributions (whether with charities or other community organizations) that it leaves me feeling disappointed or like I've somehow failed if that recognition isn't forthcoming. Having said that, my motivation for participating in fundraisers or other community events has so much more to do with helping and making a difference but I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that I wasn't hoping for a pat on the back or a bit of public recognition. I think I need to let that go. I know that those who benefit from my efforts are massively grateful and in truth that IS enough.

By letting go of my desire for validation, I will benefit in that my validation will come from within and my art will inevitably become purer - as if to mirror my reason for taking part. When I create a beautiful image, I know in my heart of hearts that it is beautiful. No outside source can say otherwise and I will be doing myself (and my clients) a tremendous favor by remaining focused on my purest intentions. Pure intentions = pure, beautiful art.

Three things I'll care less about in order to make more room in my life for the things that matter:
-perfection. It's unattainable and overrated. It's also a form of laziness. Out with perfection
-The opinions of strangers or people I know and don't respect. Those people don't play an important part in my life so therefore, there opinions have zero value. Especially when they're negative.
-Doing it all. I do not want to be remembered for my ability to get shit done. I want to be remembered for being creative, fun, adventurous, a great cook, a good mother, for making my own health a priority, for making time for my family & friends, for hosting kick-ass parties. That's the legacy I want to leave, not my ability to rock a to-do list or be insanely productive with no social life.

Confession 101
What do I put off doing until I've done the so-called 'required' chores?
-knitting (which I adore but it feels so wasteful & selfish because I sit on my ass to do it while doing nothing else)
-exercise (far more often than I care to admit)
-meals with my family

Eep. That's a horribly long list. And they're all things that bring me so much joy... so I guess, if they're not happening, then there must be a significant lack of joy happening for me...Clearly that needs to change if I want to actually enjoy my life rather than work my ass of until I'm too worn out to do the fun stuff...

The most important thing I'll stop putting off, after seeing that list is meals with my family and exercise. I love both and miss them both terribly. That will change this week. A few reasons (house-fire related) that will delay it a few days but I think it's high time these things got a little attention.

If I'm totally honest, I can admit that part of what I work so hard for is the ideal that society has imposed for success (read :: income). Granted, some level of income/revenue is necessary for a sustainable business but there's an expectation that adults generate a certain level of income to buy the expected *things* to be acceptable or considered a success.  While I don't totally subscribe to that expectation, it does play a part. Luckily, I'm in a position to call the shots and I am so excited to be coming into 2013 with a revised gameplan that will afford me more time to see friends, do the things I love outside of my work and spend much more time with my family. After the fire, many things have changed and my reasons for working and how I work are absolutely affected.

Of course, sometimes (no matter how strong the convictions), making changes or tricky decisions do come with fears or apprehensions. I'd be lying if I said they didn't. But this time, with the upcoming changes in my business, I can say with full confidence that I am doing what's best for me and my family. And how blessed am I do be able to do that and still maintain a fun, profitable, rewarding, creative business that people love. I know what a gift it is to have the full support of my husband and my incredibly loyal clients. I wouldn't bother opening my doors each day without them.

Updates to follow on my commitments outlined above. I'm confident that I can do some of them most of the time. No delusions about all of those commitments all of the time. Other things will happen instead and that's ok. We'll see where it all goes.

As for you, are YOU making changes in the new year? Would you like to whip 2013 into shape so that you can enjoy more pleasure, joy and freedom?? Get your hands on some life-changing content by going to KICKSTART THE YEAR and purchasing the workbooks from each of the incredible contributors. It's only $88 and I can assure you that after buying this for myself, I can't go back. I can't pretend I haven't read this stuff. I totally possess the chutzpah to knock 2013 on its ass and show it who's boss. Don't you want a piece of that? You know you do!! Let's do it together. When you buy the program, share your blog address in the comments below and I'll leave you some blog lovin'. Helps the mojo.

Get real, get happy.


  1. I used to describe myself as a morning person. I love those early hours before everyone gets up and life gets busy. I used to go to the gym before work, or go for a run, or just take my time getting ready in the morning. Lately (or to be completely honest, in the past couple years) I find myself staying up later, getting less sleep and struggling to actually get out of bed when my alarm goes. I tried to tell myself that maybe my sleep patterns were just changing, but truthfully I think it has a lot to do with procrastination and disorganization. Either I'm randomly doing nothing significant and lose track of time, or I'm avoiding the things I should be doing only to realize at 10pm that they need to get done.

    I definitely believe in being present in every moment and not letting life just pass me by. I'm also trying to learn how to relax and just be. I think that my procrastination is interfering with both of these. I waste way too much time procrastinating. My procrastination reduces the amount of time I have for legitimate relaxing, and I find that I enjoy those true relaxing moments less.

    I think I've known for a while that I should do something to address the amount of procrastination I do, but I'm just realizing now how many things it has affect. While I'm not so happy about the amout of time I've already wasted, I'm going to attemt to not feel guilty about that, and instead chose to be motivated to change.

    So bottom's my action items:
    - reduce my random surfing on the internet. Usually I am performing various searches at one which is not efficient and leads to getting horribly sidetracked. So I will focus on the task I need to do, get it done, and move on.
    - I will multi task less (I have definitely been known to do 8 million things at once, not entirely productive).
    - I will be in bed at 11 (except fo course on hockey nights) and get up when my alarm goes
    - I will set aside time for relaxing and I will not feel guilty about it.

    I really miss being a morning person. I want to enjoy slowly drinking my coffee while the sun rises, and feel the satisfaction of an early morning workout rather than squeezing it in at the end of the day, and most of all I don't want to feel like half the day has past me by before I even get out of bed.