Dec 12, 2012

Kickstart The Year - What the hell is it?

What the hell is Kickstart the Year?? 

Here's the short n' sweet. My friend/coach Mike Vardy (social media, I mean guru) is one of the content providers for this program. Its purpose is to help you take control over your life, business, time and goals for the new year. Because I know Mike, I knew the program would kick ass. I had no idea what I was signing up for and what it would cost. Did I care? No. Did I still pay for it within the first ten minutes of it going live? Yes.

First of ten programs - 31 days 31 ways to better time management by Craig Jarrow - AKA the Time Management Ninja. Halle-friggin-lujah!

I am desperately time-starved so this bit of the program, I pray, has some top-notch stuff.

Day one starts RIGHT NOW.

Time management. This is a wee bit of a sore spot. Am I good at it? No. Is there room for me to improve? Hell yeah!

The tools I use to keep my life in order are:
-TimeDriver for my online bookings which syncs to my Google Calendars
-Google Calendars (I have 5 separate calendars - work, personal, my husband's business, my 'on-the-side' business, and payables calendar for business & personal combined)
-Evernote (which I am having a total love-affair with!) is where I capture thoughts for shoots, contacts, links, marketing, things I want to talk about with my coaches, and my to-read list.
-lastly, I still love a good notebook/binder full of paper for taking notes during coaching calls. They enable some badass doodling without which my life would be incomplete. I also love the way a to-do list looks when it's been assaulted by a high-lighter pen with the doing of each to-do.
- I'm currently implementing a new piece of seriously hardcore software at the studio to manage client info and other business activities. Hopefully a time saver once it's set up.
-Facebook (personal & Fan Page) inboxes
-one primary email address
-phone for texting but I discourage this because it's inefficient. 

Things I should use less of or not at all
-post it notes
-scratch paper
-no more daytimer
-paper records of phone messages - would LOVE a solution for these dirty little bastards!

The simmered down summary of day one - keep the useful systems and ditch the useless ones. Awesome.Easy. I like it. 

Next - Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead
First exercise - stop listening to others and sometimes, stop listening to yourself. This segment of the book speaks to a topic I wrote about just the other day - the inner critic. We don't normally make a habit of letting others say horrible things to us, yet we say them to ourselves all the time. So firstly, with the first exercise in this book, I will declare that I, Vanessa Falle, from this day forward will not go against myself. I promise that I will only use my mind to go with myself. ~ signed Dec 11, 2012..


Home office Rules of Thumb - Lorie Marrero
This book, so far, is like having your bestie tell you it's time to get your shit together. There's almost that 'mom-voice' in the way it written. I like that, it kinda makes me wanna get off my ass and quit screwin' around!

My first assignment is to pick a day to deal with my home-office stuff either with a friend to keep me on task or virtually (which is handy since my bestie is going to school in England at the moment - BUT she'd love to hold me accountable for a commitment like this!) So what the hell, let's heap on a little more. I don't have a home office per se, but I do have stacks of crap beside my bed and if I'm being totally honest, I do most of my writing work no just in my bedroom but actually IN BED.

The commitment - to organize, streamline, purge and pare down the crap. By Dec 31, my bedside table will not look as horrible as it does right now. Piles of headphones and nail clippers, garbage, jewelry, journals, pens, art supplies, tarot cards, and dishes. And hand cream. and cough candies. And a nail file. And a Disney marathon medal (not mine, but borrowed as an incentive to earn my own). and yarn. Wow. That IS a lot of crap. By the last day of this calendar year, that shit will have a new home. some of it may still live on the bedside table but most of it will be relocated. I promise.

note: In this book, the content moves quickly and is super digestable. Be prepared to wrap up your first stab at this read with a hefty to-do list and a ton of motivation to get it done!

There is SO MUCH MEAT in this amazing program!! I will be posting regularly as I dive into this incredible, mind-bending material and sharing with you how it resonates with me. No holds barred, 100% truth peppered with the occasional cussword to make it all just *so*.

Kickstart the Year along with me. There is a staggering amount of kickass content that is available to you for only $88USD. You need this program. Seriously. Go buy it HERE and come back and tell me you got it. We'll rock 2013 together, mmkay?

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