Jul 18, 2012

taylor on the farm | whitehorse children's photographer

This sweet faced young man is Taylor. His mama came out to the farm from Carcross to participate in the fundraiser mini sessions I held for Heather Jones. Heather was in a serious rollover crash a month and two days ago which left her badly hurt and her camera equipment destroyed. When I heard about her tragedy, I was immediately compelled to jump into action and do what I could to ease her pain - take photographs of beautiful children. Easy!

Enter Lyndsay (Taylor's mama). She knows Heather and couldn't book her son's portrait session fast enough!! The weather was amazing and the kids came out in droves. If you missed out, you really missed out. Mini sessions are not typically opened up for the general public but this was a fabulous exception. Thanks to all the families who participated in the fundraiser mini sessions!! 

|whitehorse children's photographer|


  1. absolutely beautiful!!!!!! i am SO excited!!!

  2. I don't think i had left the hospital after my very brief 36 hour stay last month before Vanessa had launched a campaign to help with my losses...and my healing. I had never met Vanessa and the generosity of her time and (extraordinary) energy moved me deeply. In a telephone conversation she spoke of the importance of finding our way back to our 'art' as an essential part of our healing following such traumas. She shared with me her own inner journey when her family suffered the loss of their home this spring. She addressed my fears without having been asked. Hard as i tried i could not stop the tears in that phone call...the tears that come when i am overwhelmed by the power of kindness shared. (I bet you know those ones!)

    I look at these images of little Taylor from Carcross, a little guy who has stirred my soul from the moment i met him and i see Vanessa's art and the gifts she continues to offer through it. And i also see the love and support of friends and community.

    The outcome of my accident could have been very different, i am allowing myself to gently go there now. More importantly, the outcome of my healing journey can only be good given the support that has come my way. My vow to Vanessa was that i would 'pay it forward' at first opportunity. That opportunity is there (for all of us) each and every day. Hold those you love close and let them know they matter...at all times. And...and reach out to a stranger/colleague/pal/even someone you don't even like, in their time of need, i can assure you that it will never be forgotten.

    Thank you Vanessa and all who have contributed to my recovery through Vanessa's work. You will always be a part of my path ahead...know that i am deeply grateful.