Jun 20, 2012

I need your help! | whitehorse children's photographer

I need your help! A photographer in our community Heather Jones (see her work here) was in a terrible roll-over accident in her vehicle and much of her camera equipment was thrown from the vehicle and is either damaged and in questionable condition or destroyed altogether. She really needs her gear back to continue working... And while she may have insurance, I know firsthand that insurance is NOT quick to dole out cash!

So in an effort to help a fellow artist, I am asking for your help. I am holding mini sessions ALL DAY Saturday & Sunday July 7 & 8. and July 14 & 15. Sessions will be half an hour, at the farm (at the studio if the weather still sucks) and $100 each. ALL proceeds will go to helping Heather replace her equipment. If you happen to own any of the following gear and wish to gift it, you can deliver it to my studio at 101-107 Main Street and it will be given to her to begin working again.

D700 body
Nikkor 17-35mm 2.8
Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8
Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8

This list of gear is valued at almost $10,000 and it's my wish that we can raise this for her.

Also, if you wish to make a cash donation, you can do so by clicking this donate button. The donation button will remain on the sidebar until Heather is back on her feet.

I know what this community both in Whitehorse and online is made of. I've been on the receiving end of their ultimate generosity recently and am so delighted to pay it forward.

Here's to a speedy recovery Heather, and I look forward to seeing you making new images very soon with your new gear.

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  1. Thats terrible, I hope she was not hurt.
    As for the camera gear, I cannot afford to donate any money towards new equipment, but I WILL put the word out on my Flickr page, to see if anyone there has anything they are willing to send up. :) I will let you know how it goes.