May 25, 2012

sarah, coco & luka | whitehorse children's photographer

This beautiful woman is one of my dearest friends, Sarah. She owns the most dangerous store in all of Whitehorse - Bella Home Decor. Every time I set foot in her store, I want everything! And I guess the silver lining to my recent house fire disaster is that I get to replace as much of my stuff from her darling shop as my little heart desires!! Yippee!! 

And these little cuties are her sweet twins, Coco & Luka. They are busy, chatty and highly entertaining three year olds and I can't get enough of photographing them. These guys were my last session of the day and I can't think of a better way to end a super fun, creative day than by photographing this bunch. 

Best job in the world. For reals. 

|whitehorse children's photographer|

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