May 15, 2012

lindsay & sari | whitehorse children's photographer

Meet Lindsay and her daughter Sari. Lindsay is one half of the incredible duo that is Sweet Tooth Events. They make the most delectable treats (cupcake masters, in my opinion!) and decorate a dessert table like no one else! I am constantly thinking of reasons to hire them. Seriously, if you have an engagement party, bridal shower, baby shower, girlfriends' tea party, kids' birthday party, corporate event or wedding, seriously talk to these two. You won't regret it, not for one second. Okay, maybe when you realize your pants are a little tighter for all the cupcakes (and caramel & chocolate covered pretzels) you ate but really, as far as downsides go, that's totally do-able, right?

 Anyway, Lindsay and her beautiful little girl, Sari were the first to get in front of my lens for my special Mama's Day event on May 11th. Thanks for coming down, ladies! I hope you had as much fun as I did!!

And this was the cupcake & champagne spread that Sweet Tooth prepared for me. Incredible, no? 

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