May 21, 2012

braylen & his trusty sidekick, elmo | whitehorse children's photographer

This little boy seriously saved me, creatively. After our house fire on March 29th, I was terrified to pick up the camera because I didn't know if I could still do it. I didn't know if my creative "stuff" was too affected by the trauma of losing everything... but, it turns out that when you are THIS cute, silly and fun to be around, it's impossible to not have a great time and channel all that great creative stuff that allows me to do what I do. Braylen came into the studio with his mama (who I think is pretty fantastic, as a matter of fact) who had every confidence in what kind of magic we could make in this session. She was right, I could still do it and her kind encouragement and Braylen's unedited charm kicked me in the pants and got me right back in the saddle. Thank you, Shannon & Braylen. I might still be chickening out, afraid of my camera if it weren't for this session. 

|whitehorse children's photographer|

This is Braylen's beloved Elmo. So of course, after seeing affectionate displays like this, I figured that Elmo needed his own portrait.

Yeah, Elmo might be sporting a little crazy-eye but it's the result of lovin' and squeezin' like the image above. <3

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