Apr 23, 2012

christian is front and center | whitehorse youth photographer

You know, it's one thing to have cool guys & girls come down to the studio for portraits - it's another to have them grow up in front of you and one day, when they're in front of the camera, I get to see a glimmer of who they'll be as adults... This is exactly the case with Christian. And the coolest thing is that his parents are friends of ours who my husband grew up with. It's kinda like family, I guess. So for me, these kinds of sessions are extra meaningful because I know the family in my personal life - it's a bit of a double win.. Yay for extra bonuses like that!!

Christian was NOT giving the smiles away for free (don't even ask me about the ridiculous stuff I had to do to get him to crack up )- only to have the smiles disappear even faster than they appeared!) But no bother, we still made magic and I'm pretty sure he'll be happy with the results.

|whitehorse youth photographer|

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