Mar 12, 2012

time to celebrate! | whitehorse teen photographer

Tonight marks the beginning of Birthday Week! Starting tomorrow, I will begin celebrating my 35th birthday and I feel compelled to share a little birthday love!! As you know, the Arctic Winter Games concluded this past weekend and the Yukon athletes did a magnificent job of competing in the varied sports. We racked up a whopping 122 total medals with 29 of those being big, fat, shiny GOLD!!

So in the spirit of birthday week, I will be giving each and every gold medalist ages 18 and under (including everyone on a gold-medal team) their own individual complimentary portrait session!! The list of names is humongous so I need all of you - my fans, friends, colleagues and clients- to help spread the word!! I need to hear from every athlete by the end of March in order for them to claim this gift!!

Sessions must be claimed by a parent, even if the athlete is 18 years old.

edited:: Sessions must be claimed by March 31, 2012. Sessions do NOT have to be scheduled for within the month of March, rather by the end of the calendar year. However, when you call to claim this gift, you must be prepared to select a date.

Call the studio at 867-668-2296 Monday to Friday from 9-5.

Congratulations to all of our amazing athletes, you made this entire territory proud and it is my honor to celebrate each of you and your incredible accomplishments.

Happy Birthday Week Eve, Whitehorse!


  1. Wow thats so nice of you to do Vanessa. I've passed this on to a friend who's daughter won gold in ski-biathlon.

  2. I will let the midget hockey players know,there leaving for provincials Sunday,there was a rummor they were getting Mullets before they left,hopefully that's a rummor,they didn't look good in the 80s won't be any better now

  3. This is very generous Vanessa. I passed the word on to the high school teachers in my school.

  4. HI This sounds very nice. Great offer. DID you get in touch with Rachel Kinvig. I will definitely pass this on to her. Thanks