Dec 1, 2011

emersyn | whitehorse children's photographer

Last year, I did a very special giveaway on my Facebook Fan Page. This is the family who won the big prize and while it took a few tries to get their sweet little girl, Emersyn to get over her camera shyness, we managed to not only create a lovely assortment of images for their wall gallery but we also documented a span of nearly 6 months of this pretty little girl's life.

We started in the summer out at my farm which is just outside the Whitehorse city limits. The light was delicious, the colors were stunning and Emersyn was as sweet as can be!

But of course, when you're little and just not "feelin' it" you can go to pieces and cry your heart out and everything stops just so we can try and get you to be happy again. We wrapped up this first attempt when this little doll decided it was over but I just had to grab one outtake. This is so characteristic of this age. Kinda cracks me up, to tell ya the truth!

Then, later in the year, when I had everything moved into my studio, mama Rachel brought Emersyn down for a second attempt. The outfit was perfect, the lighting was great but Emersyn really didn't think it was the right day for photos... so after about 20 minutes, we had to think about rescheduling. No biggie. It happens. Can't force these things...

And finally, mama figured it out... send Emersyn to the studio with her AUNTIE! We had NO tears, only smiles and silliness! Love the peek-a-boo!

When it comes to toddlers, persistence pays off. I have so many great images to choose from to show this family in their online gallery... Glad we kept trying because it was 100% worth the effort. Always is :)

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  1. Love the pics Vanessa, this is my sweet darling niece!! I'm glad she finally warmed up to the camera, she's such a gorgeous little girl!!!

    Amy (from the post office.)