Oct 20, 2011

introducing grady | whitehorse baby photographer

When a family welcomes a little one into their lives, it seems obvious to document the pregnancy, the birth, the newborn stage and of course the first birthday but what I think a lot of families forget is that there are a million wonderful stages between the "BIRTH" day and the first birthday.

The three-month stage is probably the most challenging in terms of creating variety because babies aren't yet sitting and are only just beginning to smile and laugh. The six-nine month stage, however is easily one of the most fun stages. Baby stays put, isn't always crawling and will therefore cooperate long enough to have lots of fun and let me create a TON of gorgeous images for mom & dad to enjoy.

Take Grady for example, he's a gorgeous little fatty-cakes who is almost 6 months old. He stayed put, smiled, laughed and had a wonderful time. There are no shortage of creative ways for me to document this stage in your baby's first year. I would love to see more chubby babes coming into the studio so that we can make more images like these together!

Just look at the fun we can have with something as simple as a straw fedora!

And don't even get me started on receiving blankets!!

Babies at this age are curious and super easy to entertain. Don't miss this golden opportunity to celebrate your wee one at this fun & fleeting stage.

Did I mention the chubby, delicious baby rolls? *swoon*


  1. My extremely handsome nephew! Beautiful photos!!

  2. He's so beautiful Aisha, he's got the little twinkle in your eye that you have!! Adorable.

  3. He is SO gorgeous!!!