Aug 22, 2011

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You know how easy it is to gripe and complain about a bad experience with a business? Products are out of stock, staff are cranky, parking sucks, hours are inconvenient... we've all been there but how about giving kudos when a business meets or better yet exceeds your expectations? This is super short notice but the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce is holding their AGM next week are are looking for nominations for their various awards for business excellence. Take a minute to look over the categories below and ask yourself if there is a business that deserves the honor of receiving the recognition in one of the following categories. It's a great way to ensure that you and others continue to receive incredible service from our locally owned businesses.

Nominations must be received by Aug 23 by 5:00pm.

Nominations can be emailed to

Young Entrepreneur Recognition Award

The Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce has been witnessing the development of many young entrepreneurs in Whitehorse during the last few years. We would like to recognize the efforts of one of these young entrepreneurs in establishing a business. The young entrepreneur should between the ages of 19 - 30, have been in operation at least 1 year, and show what it takes to be successful: motivation, dedication, energy, inspiration, and innovation.

Service and Customer Satisfaction Award

A big part of the success of many businesses is the service and customer satisfaction they provide to their customers. When we visit an office, a dentist, a bank or any business, we form opinions very quickly about the level of service and customer satisfaction that we receive. The perception of value is also very closely related to the service we receive in a business. This award goes to that business which has excelled in the area of Service and Customer Satisfaction.

Giving Back to the Community Award

Many organizations like the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, schools, sporting groups, and the Arts and Cultural Community rely on the generosity of the business community in their fundraising efforts. Our business community is very generous in their support of these groups and gladly sponsor the many events held in Whitehorse throughout the year. This award recognizes just one of these businesses that has given back to the community by supporting events, programs, projects, sports teams or has just been there for those in need of help.

Business Person of the Year Award

The Business Person of the Year is recognized as an individual that has run a successful business, has shown outstanding support to the community, as well as having contributed to the development of Whitehorse. This person typically volunteers his / her time by sitting on committees, by lending his / her expertise to help the city grow and prosper, and has shown a lasting commitment to the community. This is the person who is there when you need someone to help, this person graciously gives of their time and energy to assist with important projects, and is willing to volunteer their leadership skills with committees, planning activities or sitting on a Board of a non-profit.

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