Apr 25, 2011

hanna | whitehorse children's photographer

On Easter weekend, I had the pleasure of exploring yet another beautiful part of Whitehorse thanks to a client's recommendation. I love it when clients ask me to meet them in parts of this beautiful city that I've never seen because it's bursting with untouched creative awesomeness and I was so thrilled to photograph this young lady, Hanna.

Hanna just turned one so her mama, Shawna booked one of my favorite sessions, the All About Me birthday portrait session. We crawled, we sat, we hollered and boy did we laugh. The other folks strolling by on the Millennium Trail were very curious and interested in what we were up to. Hanna just put up with my silliness and despite the occasional chilly breeze, she was quite content to put up with us.

I love photographing children and this session was as fun and busy as I thought it would be. Thanks for a great time ladies! Hope you love your sneak peeks! Oh and Happy Birthday Hanna!

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  1. My beautiful niece Hanna....love all these pictures!!!!

  2. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul but look who is reflected here? Is it Mommy Shawna or Vanessa the cool photographer? Either way the image captures Hanna's very intent look and the next shot shows the breaking smile before the out and out laugh. And that lovely eyes framed by that pretty hat - what a charmer!
    Of course as the honorary grandmother I already love the subject but these photos do capture her personality. Great photos.