Jul 27, 2010

reed & keeton | whitehorse children's photographer

This was definitely a session to remember. These two sweet boys came out to my farm for their photos...they're up from Alberta for a summer trip to the Yukon. Their mama, Tamara grew up with my husband Ray (heretofore referred to as "the hubs")

We've been super lucky with warm & dry weather. That means fewer mosquitos but WAY more wasps! We were having the best time shooting these guys on tractors and running like crazy on the grass until the miserable wasps got ahold of big brother, Reed. He was so brave and managed to overcome the pain of 3 wasp stings on his right arm between his wrist & elbow. Poor little dude! So up until the wasp situtation, I'm pretty sure everyone was having a blast. Reed even told me that he wants to live here. What a compliment. (not sure he felt that way after the wasp encounter though)

they were more than busy but mama, in her infinite motherly wisdom, decided to step aside and hide in the car. We rocked the session as soon as they gave up trying to make mama laugh!! LOL

Thanks for coming out to the farm guys! Hope to see you again soon :)

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