Jul 9, 2010

hunter & jaxson | whitehorse children's photographer

Meet Hunter & Jaxson. These fine young men came out with their mom & dad to my family's sod farm for their summer portraits. The boys were so much fun to work with...I think I surprised them when I asked them to climb on the farm equipment!! and then jump off of it!

Also, there was one point where the session had me standing in the creek (where I almost lost my flip-flop in the mud!) and I think they *might* have been secretly hoping I tipped over into the water...just because it would've been hilarious!!

Mom & Dad were super fun to hang with and clearly their family knows how to have a good time. We wrapped up our session with a li'l chicken fight. It was definitely not a textbook session...a little wild, a little crazy. Just my style!

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