Mar 3, 2010

king of the castle| whitehorse children's photographer

Seriously, could this little fella have been any cuter? I think not. He was so sweet & flirty for our entire session, I have to admit, I was a little sad when our time ended and naptime had returned. He was the sweetest "laffiest" as Seth would say most charming baby boy ever!!! Can't wait to watch him grow.

You know that whole six degrees of separation thing?? Well, turns out that Mama Michelle attended a wedding on Vancouver Island where my friend Karen McKinnon was the photog and Karen told Michelle to be sure to contact me (at our sod farm) when they landscaped thier new property. Funny thing, this small world. Oh, Daddy Ben is from Tofino, which is also on the Island. Crazy world.

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  1. Love the photo's, good luck with this new adventure!!!!