Feb 19, 2010

We have liftoff!

Wow, what a crazy blur of a week! So we got the site launched, fought with our email client, won the fight with our email client (hooray for computer nerds!) got the CUSTOM blog created (thank you Jessi!!) and are now configuring our client viewing section of the site. Boy...I don't think I spent much time NOT sitting in front of my computer this week...but I guess it's all turned out okay because we're LIVE people!!

If you haven't checked out the site, go do that now. Be sure to bookmark it and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter. Be the first to hear about the latest & greatest deals, promos, giveaways, and all that jazz by clicking the Newsletter link at the top of the page. And don't worry, we won't clutter up your inbox with crap you don't need...that would be rude.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back often for updates on sessions :)

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